When I run my ac, the house gets cool. But when I shut it off, the house heats up again quickly. Why?

This is a pretty simple diagnosis. Just like with anything, the best way to maintain a certain temperature is to have a sealed environment. For instance, if you are driving your car and you are running the ac, the car stays cool. When you shut it off, it will stay cool for a while. But if you open a window, even just a crack, that cool air dissipates rather quickly right? Same principal applies with your house. And that goes for heating and cooling season. Follow these few simple steps and reduce your energy consumption and retain your desired temperatures longer.
1.       Make sure all doors and windows are closed.
2.       If there are any gaps under doors, seal them off with a towel.
3.       In cooling season, close all blinds as heat from the sun will radiate through the windows making it harder to cool the home. If you don’t mind a darker environment, covering the windows with a dark blanket or a drape will keep that heat out that much more.
4.       Get a couple high velocity oscillating fans. These will circulate the cool air once the temperature desired is achieved allowing you to stay cool yet reduce the amount of time you run the air conditioner. I speak from personal experience here. Those fans are fantastic and a good one will run around $50, and believe me, the investment is well worth it.
5.       If you have the means, resealing your windows is a great idea. You can pick up some sealer at any local hardware store.
That’s really all there is to it. Like I said before, simple. For more helpful tips, keep checking back here for our latest blog entry. For any parts needs, please visit www.americanhvacparts.com or call toll free to 866-432-8551.
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When I run my ac, the house gets cool. But when I shut it off, the house heats up again quickly. Why?, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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