What information is needed in looking for replacement parts for my heating or air conditioning equipment?

This is a good and very common question. There are a couple of ways to find the information that is needed, depending on what kind of unit you have that the parts are needed for. Below I have listed all the most common scenarios.

Part Numbers: This is an excellent way of finding that specific part you are looking for. Most all parts have a label on them listing the manufacturer’s part number, as well as the OEM part number made for the equipment manufacturer. So as to better explain, the companies that make the actual equipment that the parts go into do not actually make their own parts. They are outsourced by various manufacturers such as Honeywell, Robertshaw, Johnson Controls and so on. So these companies put their part number on the item, as well as label the part for the company making the equipment it’s going into such as Carrier, Trane or Lennox. If you can locate these numbers, in most cases it will result in finding the exact part swiftly and with ease.

Gas Furnaces: Gas furnaces will always have the equipment model number located inside the unit along with the serial number. This will be on a label located near the burner assembly. Where the serial number is good to have, it will not identify the parts in your unit. So if there is no part number available, the only other way to locate the parts needed is with that equipment manufacturer’s model number.

Heat Pumps, Package Units & Condensing Units: These types of equipment will always have the equipment model number and serial number located on a label or a plate usually to the back of the unit on the outside. A problem that usually comes of this location of this vital information is that due to the elements, the numbers quite often fade away with age and weather. So it is a very good idea to record this information and keep it in a safe place that you can easily access when in need of repair parts.

Electric Air Handlers: This type of unit is the indoor blower unit which in most cases houses an electric heat strip for heating or emergency back up heat. The model and serial numbers for this type of equipment will be located on the outside of the unit, usually on the door.

Evaporator Coils: For evaporator coils, the placement of the model and serial numbers is all dependent on the type of casing around it. If the coil came cased, then the numbers will be located on the front side of the coil on the outside of the casing. If the case was made by the contractor who did the installation, then you would need to look inside of the casing to try to find the model number on the coil itself.

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