Upcycling Old Light Bulbs

Lately I have been slowly changing out my old light bulbs for LED ones. LED light bulbs can last up to 20 years! Not wanting to throw away my old bulbs I decided to do what I have been talking about the last few weeks – upcycle them! There are so many great ideas for old light bulbs.

light bulb plantersLight Bulbs for Plants

First I saw these cute planters. Removing the inner metal part of the bulb is actually quite easy. Just be careful not to break the glass and/or cut yourself in the process. Simply fill with water and put some cute flowers in them. What a great spring idea! Dishfunctional Designs have other ideas including plants as well.

Upcycling Bulbs for Kids

light bulb hot air balloonFor kids’ rooms how about some hot air balloons? Check it out. Jenn at Rock No. 17 took some Elmer’s glue, water bottle caps, fabric and string to make these adorable decorations. It looks like she painted the screw part and added cute animal figurines. These are truly precious.

Grains of Earth also lists 10 ways to upcycle old bulbs.

light bulb snow globeSeasonal Light Bulbs

But I truly love the snow globe. Seasonal, yes. But easily made. Simply find a small figurine, water and glitter and seal the tip of the bulb and viola! A cute Christmas gift!

Speaking of seasonal, you can upcycle old Christmas lights. Try covering them glitter and hang them with some pretty string or ribbon and you have the ultimate ornament! I think these silver lights are just my style, and it’s so easy to do!

light earrings

Old Bulbs to Jewelry

Just like a few weeks ago when I discussed upcycling old computer parts for jewelry, small bulbs can make some cute earrings. Sparkling Waters Studio gives great step-by-step instructions on how to make light bulb earrings. These are certainly cute to wear to any holiday party.

light bulb necklaceLight bulb earrings don’t just have to be for the holidays though. I’ve seen tiny bulbs made into earrings as well as necklaces. submarines and sewingmachines blog shows a great light bulb necklace. Seems pretty easy. Just put the chain through the metal part and you have a cool upcycled piece of jewelry.

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