Upcycling Old Fans and Fan Parts

Going green seems like the thing to do these days; especially with old junk you no longer need or have use for. What I find as one of the coolest ways to reuse old junk is not called recycling – but upcycling. Upcycling is converting old waste materials or useless junk into new materials and/or products of better quality or for a better environment.

Upcycling Old Fans

One cool thing I found was upcycling old fans. Check out: this person took an ordinary fan, some spray paint, a screwdriver and newspaper!

Check out the before and after!


This project seems pretty easy but I am not sure how much expertise you would need to ensemble the fan – I think this project may need some expert handy work….

Upcycling Old Fan Parts

Another cool way to upcycle old ceiling fan blades is seen on here:

fan bladesfan blades2

This project seems a little easier. Taking plain fan blades and painting them seems pretty easy – although I am not sure why you would need these on your wall, but any-who they seem like a cool project to keep us ladies busy!

Upcycling fans with lights

For the holidays what I love, and this one made me giggle a little, is this fan…holiday fan

How awesome this thing? Multi-color lights and old-school fan, doesn’t get any better than that! Lol. This spectacle is by Roni Doron – pretty cool.

Upcycling Fans For Other Home Decor

I also like this mirror…


This design obviously doesn’t use the fan blades but the grill outside the blades. Pretty easy to make to. Looks like just flatten the grill and stick a circle mirror inside – pretty simple. Not matter what skill level who have looks pretty doable!

Check out more on this design and others.

Most of all I love this clock!

clock fan

Made from an old rusted fan, this old-time looking clock looks like it belongs in an old study or garage! You can check out more clocks – not all made from fans – here.

I must say some people truly are creative! And anything that seems to save money and is good for the environment is alright in my book!


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