Upcycling Old Dryer Sheets: Craft Uses

A few weeks ago I talked about ways to clean using old dryer sheets, well this week I can tell you those old dryer sheets can also be used for craft projects as well! It’s amazing how versatile they are!

Dryer sheet potporriFirst off they are great for sachets for your sock or underwear drawer. All you have to put is a handful of potpourri in the middle of a laid out sheet. Wrap the sheet around the potpourri and tie it with a ribbon! It tucks perfectly into any drawer!

UpcycledStuff has the right idea!

You can also make little envelopes out dryer sheets. Elvie Studio took old dryer sheets ironed them, sewed them, folded them and tucked something nice inside to give as a gift! Lori goes through the steps in more detail in her blog! I think they are so cute!

Dryer Sheets for Holidays

Dryer Lint Ghost FLIPPED2Dryer sheets can also be used for seasonal crafts. Again UpcycledStuff uses an old sheet to make a mini ghost. You can make a number of these ghost and place them on your bushes or door to really create a boo-tacular Halloween for trick-o-treaters.

For Christmas the options are endless! Snowmen, done by Stamp-n-Design, cuts out circles in a dryer sheet and glues in place to create a cute snowman! For the hat you can use felt and you can use left over black buttons for his face and, well buttons!

candle wreatheThis by far is my favorite design. Using old dryer sheets to create a gorgeous candle holder. 3Livingstones blog used up a lot of dryer sheets to create this masterpiece. She simply bunched them up and pinned them together to circle around the candles – amazing!

Dryer Sheets for Flowers

dryer roseThe same concept is used by Katie’s Rose Cottage. The blogger, Lori made roses out of old dryer sheets! First she died the sheets with tea then folded them lengthwise. Then she rolled them using a hot glue gun to make them stick. She then sewed the flower at the bottom with needle and thread to hold it in place. Fluff and add a stem and viola! Rose dryer sheets – so cool!

dryer sheet wedding dress

Dryer Sheets for a Wedding Dress

Last but certainly not least, a wedding dress made of dryer sheets. I don’t think I have the skill to do this but someone out there does! Check it out. Using more than 2,000 dryer sheets, Debbie Christel combined her artistic talent with the help of a local laundry mat to create the sustainable dress! She says each sheet was hand folded into a rose using an origami technique and sewn. Beautiful!

Well there you have, the options of using old dryer sheets are pretty much endless. I know I’ve been slowly collecting my dryer sheets for cleaning and maybe eventually some crafts. Happy Friday everyone!

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