Upcycling Old Dryer Sheets: Cleaning Uses

In the HVAC world questions on clothing dryers comes up a lot. And in future articles I will answer all those question – but I recently came across another clever idea when it comes to doing laundry. Upcycling old dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets can be pretty cheap when found at places like Target, Wal-Mart or any grocery store but to keep trash down and save you money in other places of your life, reusing old dryer sheets won’t leave your bank account dry as a bone.

Dusting and CleaningDryer Sheet

First off dryer sheets are great for dusting. Used dryer sheets, like some of the clean products you see advertised,
are great for attracting and picking up dust. The sheets are great for running over computer and television screens. I even used them once to dust furniture.

This blog has a few other ideas for dryer sheets.

cleaning tioletI’ve also seen them used for cleaning the bathroom or kitchen! Like using an old t-shirt or paper towel, dryer sheets work great for wiping up spills or simply cleaning with your favorite cleaner.

Reusing old dryer sheets is certainly part of the going green movement!

I personally don’t have blinds in my apartment but they are also good for cleaning them with just simply your index finger.cleaning blinds Check out more on blind cleaning.

Picking Up Pet Hair

dryer sheet skirtAs a pet owner I also get hair on my clothing. Although there are the rolling sticky sheets that aren’t too expensive, dryer sheets, like the dusting, are great for attracting pet hair. I think I may try running an old dryer sheet on my bedspread this weekend to pick up some cat hair! Lol

Other Uses for Deodorizing

This blog has some other great uses for dryer sheets. Including removing static cling from clothes, suitcase and gym bag orders and even from preventing thread tangling when sewing. For those interested in reading more on this.

I do sew sometimes but I could certainly uses a deodorizer for my gym bag!

Here’s one more blog on uses for old dryer sheets.

Well there you have it. Some uses for your old dryer sheets – and this blog was certainly not just for the ladies! Guys – you know those smelly gym bags could use some freshening up and every woman knows a clean home is a happy home, especially if you’re single and having a special someone over. Details are important!

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