Upcycling Old Computer Parts into Accessories and Art

This blog is one for the ladies! I see old computer parts made into jewelery all the time. So much amazing jewelry can be made out of old computer parts. Just check this site out for so many cute ideas!

Electronics Parts EaringsIt seems these were regular hoops that had these tiny parts melted to them. Maybe with a tiny blow torch or just a lighter. Lol Either way I love hoops and these earrings are super cute!keyboard earrings

Upcycling Old Keyboards

I also found these cute keyboard earrings. I’m a little bit of a dork and love this stuff. I hope I am not alone! Knack.org has several cool ideas!

I also found this cool blog, Check it out for 10 things you can do with old computer keyboards.

keyboard pursesAnother accessory I love are these purses. Again using an old keyboard for another functional accessory! Not only are these kind of cool-but-dorky accessories unique they help out planet. I know I’m standing on my soapbox here but seriously – computers aren’t only our future but they are now a big part of our past. I think the more we can reuse them, the more we save our planet from destruction. Just saying.

Upcycling to Art

And as much as I love shoes- this pair isn’t quite my style, but still pretty cool. These are truly artwork.shoes

Too bad I can’t wear them out – talk ultimate geek style. But how awesome are these bad boys – made completely from old computer parts. Check out more cool shoes.

I’ve actually seen quite a lot of shoe designs other from old computers.

And I think my ex would love this – a motorcycle. I have to say this guy is pretty talented!

motorcycleThere is so much artwork out there with old computer parts! Between jewelry to sculptures people seem to certainly have become creative! Ultimately I think I could certainly make the jewelry, maybe the purses but not the shoes.

But if your not an artist or DIY person here is some information on what you can do to donate and dispose of your old computer.

howtogeek.com – How to Dispose of Old Computers Responsibly
makeuseof.com – 5 Great Ways to Donate Your Computer
techsoup.org – Ten Tips on Donating Your Computer
epa.gov – Recycling and Donating Your Computer

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