Upcycled Lamps: Shedding Some Light on Imagination

I’ve been shedding a lot of light on upcycling. I think it is so important for everyone to try or at least get to know what upcycling is, as it can save so much money! This week I’d like to talk about upcycling lamps. A few weeks ago I talked about upcycling old light bulbs, now I want to show some cool upcycled lamps.

toy lampOld Toys to Lamps

I have seen time and time again old toys upcycled into lamps. Take this old toy truck with an old phone. Cool huh? Although I am not sure how to wire this I believe any common electrician could put this together.

Krrb blog has some other cool ideas for an upcycled lamp, included reusing old plastic rings from soda cans.

Recycleart.org takes an old fire truck to and hangs a light bulb from it’s ladder. This is so cute! I think it would look great in an kid’s room.

teapot lampUpcycling Old Dishes

I absolutely love this teapot lamp! All you do is take old cups and plates, carefully drill a hole in them and put a wire through – and viola! I cute tea time lamp for any kitchen or living room. You can find so many old tea cups and plates at your local thrift store. I personally love the Salvation Army, they have so much great stuff at such a great price!

My Re-purposed Life gives some great step-by-step instructions on how to make this great and unique lamp.

Wine BottlesReusing Old Wine Bottles and Jars

I have seen this quite a few times – mostly in bars – but it is easy to do. Simply take an old wine or liquor bottle, drill a hole in the bottom and stick some Christmas lights in it. The lights inside the bottle creates a really cool affect.

Finger Rants blog also shows some other ideas for what to do with wine bottles.

ApartmentTherapy.com also has some really cool upcycled lamps including an awesome wine bottle one.

motorcycle lampOld Motor Parts

This one is for all the motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts. Taking an old motor part and turning it into a lamp!

Inspired-living.co has some pretty cool lamps made from an old motorcycle. As someone who has riden bikes – this is definitely a cool lamp!

cassette tape lightOld Cassette Tapes

Last but certainly not least is one lamp I’d like to try. Taking old cassette tapes, gluing them together and making a really cool lamp. The holes in the tapes creates a really cool affect. Perfect for any music lover! I personally want to make one of these because it looks so easy and I am a huge music lover! Check it out.

Well there you have it, a few good ideas on adding light to your home without dropping a lot of cash. Stay tuned this week because I will have more ideas for music lovers…



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