Upcycled Records: Giving Them a New Spin on Life

Records are a huge part of our past, and still have a presence today as a vintage and classic way to enjoy music. But for some old records that can no longer play or are no longer desired there is still a place for them in this world besides the trash. That’s right – it’s time we add a new spin on their life and upcycle them!

Upcycled records have such versatile usages!

record bowlThe Record Bowl

A few years ago I came across a record that was transformed into a bowl. As a music lover I was so excited to put this in my apartment. I thought “what a cool idea! and so easy to do!” All you do is take an old record, heat up the stove and place the record on an oven-safe bowl. After a few minutes the record will melt.

Our Little Family Adventure blog gives instructions on how to do this simple task.

record clockRecord Clocks

Keep record time with record clocks! (Sorry I had to throw that pun in there.) Again this is another easy project to do. You can get a clock kit from almost any craft store. The instructions for these clock kits are pretty easy and straight forward. I mentioned them a few weeks ago in my upcycled clocks blog.

Anyways My Re-Purposed Life shows how to make these clocks.

record clock carvedWhat I’ve also seen in record clocks, which is beyond my talent, is carving out designs in the record. I’m assuming this is done with an x-acto knife and years of practice! Anyways check it out.

Record Handbags

What a cute accessory idea! Old records turned into handbags. Check it out on Hand Made Heaven.

record handbagTo make these bags you would need a drill and some materials and a glue gun. To make the bottom of the bag you cut and drill holes that line up to the rest of the record then use a strong string to mend the bag. You would need material for the sides and to add a little décor to it. But a pretty cool idea for a bag.

record cuffJewelery

Records can make some pretty cool wrist cuffs. Again, you would need an x-acto knife but a simple melt in the stove around something that is safe and the size of your wrist will work. The Daily Green says the cuff is also sanded for comfort.

Going Green with Noah also lists some cool cuffs that have décor on them.

record desk organizerDesk Organizers

CereusArt blog shows some great record desk organizers. All you need to make these are an oven and safe objects that are tall and a few inches wide so the records can melt.

You can also stack different record sizes together to create a paper stand.

record side tableRecord Table

I think the most easy way to reuse an old record is a table top. You can take an old table or even plant stand and put a record at the top. Long Playing Art shows a back plant stand and basically glues a record to the top of it. Simple and cool.

As I was writing this blog I realized just how many uses there are for old records. In fact it’s a little overwhelming so I have provided some links to other uses of old records.

Jack and Maya Collective: More ideas for organizing papers with records and cutting them into wall art.
Sustain A Blog: From book covers to necklaces, records are seen being used for a very wide range of uses.
Try Handmade: More uses for records including a jewelery holder.

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