Upcycled Clocks: Timeless Junk Reused

“One thing you can learn by watching the clock: It passes the time by keeping its hands busy.” – Anonymous

Upcycling has become a very popular habit for many as it saves a ton of money and is good for the environment. I have blogged about several upcycling ideas and I have to say I keep coming by more and more! Today I am discussing upcycled clocks from junk. There is a whole variety of things that can be upcycled into clocks – pretty much anything that is circular.

Bike crank clockUpcycling Old Bike Parts

A recycled bike crank makes a great clock! With a little chrome polish this old crank makes for a great clock, especially for any cycling enthusiast.

Upcycle That has some other clock ideas, including an old film reel and a laptop.

bicycle wheel clockOther ideas I have seen from bikes are old wheels. This I have thought of doing for my brother-in-law who is a huge cyclist! As Fresh Design Blog calls it ‘the wheels of time,’ this clock is mounted directly to the wall through the center of the wheel to make it appear as though it was floating. I can tell you this is actually pretty easy to make.

Stores like Michael’s Arts & Crafts and Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts, have clock motor kits that you can use to make these awesome clocks. The kits usually have instructions and if they don’t there is always the power of the Internet.

hub cap clockUpcycling Old Hub Caps

I came across A Patchy Place in my hunt for cool upcycled clocks. Made from an old Buick the hubcap clock makes for one cool garage piece! It looks like the old numbers are made from license plates and nailed to the metal. Very cool!

They also have an upcycled piece from an old vintage Pontiac. This hubcap looks like it got a chrome polish and that the numbers are stickers. This blog also has has a variety of other old hubcaps from Chevy, Dodge, Ford and GMC vehicles.

record clockUpcycling Old Records and Players

I see upcycled records a lot. They actually have a ton of uses – which leads me to believe I will write another blog on just records some day! Just like the bike wheels, records are very easy to do. Find a clock kit, put it in the middle and viola! A cool, vintage record clock – perfect any music lover. You can do this with old CDs as well.

Kitschy Coo blog has some other vintage ideas as well.

record player clockThere is also this cool record player clock. I think this takes much more skill and I am not sure how to make it but I don’t think it is too hard. Maybe. Anyways it’s pretty cool. GadgetSin.com has a number of cool upcycled stuff.

Upcycled Stove Tops

stove top clocksAs an HVAC technician I can certainly appreciate this. Upcycled stove top clocks. I see a lot of old stoves, some I see in junk graveyards. And I find this sad because there is so much potential for old junk – not to restore it but to reuse its old parts. Sexy Upcycling shows some great stove top clocks. Again, I think these stove top clocks are made with clock kits from any crafts store. I quick wash and a fresh coat of paint would make for a cute and modern look for any kitchen.

Well there you have it! Great ways to keep track of time! Clocks are a pretty universal object and most anything can be made into a clock. I can’t say how much I love upcycling! It’s a great way to pass the time with friends or something to occupy time on a lazy weekend afternoon!

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