Not sure if the repair part you received is correct? Follow these steps to find out…

Ok, so ordering repair parts online of any kind can be a risky gamble. Whether it’s parts for a computer, a car or even HVAC you have to be able to trust that the people running the business know what they are doing to ensure you get the right part the first time. Typically, if you go to a company that specializes in any certain line of parts, it’s a pretty safe bet you will be ok. But there are those times that mistakes happen. The information you provided when ordering the part may have been incorrect, the operator may have taken the information down wrong, or the part may have simply been incorrectly pulled off of the shelf. Then there are times where you may think you have gotten the wrong part but the manufacturer has changed the appearance or part number, or the product may now be made by a different manufacturer all together.Another possibility is that you may have opted to go with a less expensive aftermarket part which will look different as well. Here I will help you to know what to do to determine whether the part you received is correct or not.

To do this, you are essentially going to start over from the beginning with the company you purchased the part from. It is always a great idea to get the name of the person who assisted you in case you need to travel this route. They may have some notes from your original call, or just remember helping you, so this way it may be quicker and easier to get to the bottom of the problem.You will want to do the following to get this started:

1. Provide all of the same information that you provided originally, then also go back to the equipment and verify that the information you provided is correct and the same.
2. Provide the part numbers from the part(s) you are replacing.
3. Provide the part number that you received.

So that’s really it. Just as if you were placing the call for the first time, you will provide all of the information. The operator should then be able to determine in a reasonable amount of time whether the part that you received is correct, incorrect, been modified, been upgraded, is universal or ios made by a new company. After this determination has been made, if the wrong part was sent a reputable company will take care of this for you right away. There are different policies that each company has to handle situations like this, so it is best to ask the operator when handling the problem. If the part is correct, universal, upgraded, modified or made by a new company, the operator should also be able to assist you in some fashion to ease you mind and provide instruction whether written or digital, or a direct contact to the company’s tech support for assistance in making the part switch.

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Not sure if the repair part you received is correct? Follow these steps to find out..., 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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