My ac works, and it blows cold, but for some reason it takes a while to cool down the house. Why?

In this entry, I refer you back to my last blog where I addressed the issue of the house not retaining the cool air. Make sure all doors and windows are sealed and blinds are closed. That will help ensure that the air is not escaping or being superheated by the sunlight. Beyond that, there are a few potential reasons why this is happening.
When you have an issue like this, most likely there has not been any maintenance on the system for a while. And this is something that you can do yourself rather than calling out a technician. Maintaining your unit is imperative to having the highest efficiency and extending the life of your equipment. Simple yet effective fixes are available and at little to no cost to you other than a little of your time.
First of all, check your filter. If your filter is dirty and clogged, it is essentially choking your system for air. If it’s dirty, change it. They are cheap, and very easy to replace.
Next, open your furnace up and inspect your blower wheel. Over time, the wheel can build up dust and dirt and wind up caking the blades reducing the ability to scoop the air. An easy fix to this is to take a vacuum with a hose attachment and vacuum the blades, but the most effective fix which takes a bit more time is to take out the wheel and wash it off completely. Removing all that build up will make a HUGE difference.
Then there are some variables that may be the cause. Your air blows through a coil which produces the cold air. Sometimes the underside of the coil can get clogged with a blanket of dust, dirt and lint, thereby reducing the ability of the air to get through as easy. It’s like cleaning the lint trap on your dryer. It all sticks together, so just grab a corner and start rolling and it will all come out together.
Have you checked your ducts lately? Depending on where you live, there may be rodent problems and they love to chew things. So there may be some tears in your ductwork from that, or just tears from age. Also, the duct may have came loose somewhere. Without a sealed system, you won’t get the maximum airflow. Check to make sure all connections are tight and sealed, and any tears can usually be sealed with some simple everyday… you guessed it… duct tape.
Are there rooms that are rarely used in your home? This is another way that the air may not be moving properly if you are cooling rooms that don’t have the need. Simply just close the dampers on the vents in those rooms. By reducing the amount of open vents, you are forcing the air to the remaining open ones and the back pressure will make the air blow stronger.
That’s really all there is to it. Like I said before, simple. For more helpful tips, keep checking back here for our latest blog entry. For any parts needs, please visit or call toll free to 866-432-8551.
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My ac works, and it blows cold, but for some reason it takes a while to cool down the house. Why?, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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