Maintaining your HVAC system: Why and How?

So, your allergies are kicking up when you’re at home and you’re not sure why? Think back to the last time you changed your air filter. How long ago was that? If it was any more than 3 months ago, you’re already late my friend. It is recommended that your air filter be changed at least 4 times a year. And especially if you are prone to allergies. For those with a serious problem with allergies, you may want to look into an electrostatic air filter, an electronic air cleaner or even a UV filtration system. These little changes can make a world of difference in caring for your health.
Think that’s all there is to maintenance? Wrong. That is just the easiest to reach tip of the ice berg. So what else can you do? Follow along…
Ok, well depending on your set up, you will either have only an indoor air handler or furnace if your system is for heating only, so let’s start there. Just like your home, you might not do much to mess it up, but dust and dirt still settles and collects in corners and crevices. This is the same for your indoor blower unit. Over time, dirt and dust collects and settles in the unit, which eventually gets kicked up into the duct work and blown back into your house, and you breathe it in without even knowing. YUCK! This settlement can also go toward clogging your coil over time, thereby reducing air flow and cooling capacity. Luckily, there is an easy solution to preventing this. All you need is a household vacuum with a hose attachment. It only takes a few minutes, and a few times a year to prevent a headache in the future. Just vacuum it out, and you’re done.
Now when it comes to your outdoor unit, whether that be a heat pump, condensing unit or package unit, the maintenance is still roughly the same. Your outdoor unit collects much more dust and dirt from being out in the elements, as well as bugs and spiders, leaves and twigs, even the possible occasional rodent. I’m just kidding about the rodent… or am I? Anyhow, again, just take a vacuum with a hose attachment, preferably a shop vac style in this case, and vacuum it out every few months. It only takes a few minutes, and can extend the life of your unit.
Another thing for maintaining an outdoor unit is to take a garden hose and wash down the condenser coil every so often. This will keep it clear of debris, allowing for a smoother airflow through the coil. Sometimes, things can even happen that smash your coil fins flat, once again restricting airflow. There is a kit you can purchase that is inexpensive, that will allow you to comb through those fins leaving them straight and allowing for that smooth air flow through the coil. It is called a, what else, Fin Comb Kit and is available for purchase at our site. Just click the link below. There is also something called coil cleaner which you can spray on your coil for added cleaning and just simply rinse away leaving a fresh lemon scent behind, which I have also included as a link below.

Fin Comb Kit for Condendenser & Evaporater Coils. Fin Comb Kit for Condendenser & Evaporater Coils.
Price: $23.44

Blast-A-Coil Cleaner for Condensers, Evaporators and Room Air Conditioners. (GROUND SHIP ONLY) Blast-A-Coil Cleaner for Condensers, Evaporators and Room Air Conditioners. (GROUND SHIP ONLY)
Price: $24.99
For those of you who have a HVAC system that is still under warranty, did you know many of the contracts pertaining to these warranties stipulate that you have to have a certified technician come out once to twice a year to inspect and maintain the units in order not to void your warranty? Just some food for thought, you might want to break out those warranty forms and give them a quick glance just to be certain. I realize calling out a tech once or twice a year for maintenance can be a bit costly, but in retrospect of what the charges for fixing or replacing your system by not doing that can be much more expensive and time consuming in the long run.
As long as you follow these few simple tips, you should see fewer problems and a longer life come out of your HVAC system.
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