How to diagnose a gas furnace

When it comes to diagnosing a gas furnace, there a quite a few more parts in play here than with a condensing unit. There is a transformer, an inducer (vent) motor, a pressure switch, a door switch, a circuit board, a gas valve, an igniter, a flame sensor, burners, limit switches, fan switches, a blower motor and a blower wheel. As you see there are many more possibilities of what could be causing your problems as opposed to the case with a condensing unit. But it doesn’t mean you have to call a tech to figure it out, it just means we need to know what the problem is from the get go.
Because of all of the variables here, we cannot list them all. We have however in previous blogs touched on certain topics of what may be the cause for your problem depending on the situation. As we are adding new tips frequently, it shouldn’t be long before your problem is addressed if not already there. If you do not see the problem you are having listed, we can still be of assistance by calling us at Toll Free (866) 432-8551 or you can visit our website at
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