Go Green: Upcycled Planters

The first day of spring has come and gone and now many of us, especially those in the Northeast, are waiting for the warmer weather. But that is no reason why you can’t start planning your garden. Boston, where I live, got hit hard with snow on the first week of spring and it is still a chilly 40 to 50 degrees outside. But I believe a month from now everyone will be in their gardens!

And there are so many cute items you can use to upcycle into gardening ideas – like upcycled planters.

plate planterOld License Plates

My first and favorite is reusing old license plates. Susie from Bentley Seeds shows us how to cut up some old plates and nail them together. Very cute! I would probably take plates from my home state of Massachusetts though.

cork plantersSmall Cork Planters

Again, Upcycle That has some more good ideas! These planters are good for all you wine drinkers out there. All you do is take a cork and with a small knife carve some of the middle out. Then with a glue gun, glue a small magnet to the back, fill the cork with soil and plant your mini plants! Viola! Cute fridge magnets.

coffee plantCoffee Mugs etc.

How about a good use for those old coffee mugs you no longer want? Or a ceramic figurine? Or doll head? Turn it into a plant! Found Beauty Studio has plenty of ideas for you for upcycling junk into planters. They even take an old shoe!

Think about it. Almost anything can be filled with dirt and stuck with a plant. It’s pretty universal what you can do to make upcycled planters.

rainboot plantersShoes and Rain Boots

Speaking of old shoes how about these old rain boots? Talk about a great spring garden! Ally at allysonadeney blog shows a cute collection of kids rain boots filled with soil and hung from a fence.

shoe plantAs a shoe gal myself I love these platform heels filled with cactus’s. PassAlong Plants has plenty of more ideas for shoe planters.

drawer plant standOld Drawers

A great way to reuse an old nightstand can be seen on Green Upgrader. Check it out. A few upgrades in the legs, some paint and you have a cute plant stand for your backyard. This drawer also has plenty of room for a variety of plants.

Here are a few more ideas to spruce up your spring garden.

Rugs and Blinds Blog
Somewhere Splendid
Daisy Bones

There you have it. A few garden ideas in time for April. I hope everyone is having a happy and safe spring so far.

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